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Premiere: Corin – Hidden In Plain Sight

CORIN graciously contends with the work of peers like Nkisi and ZULI on Lee Gamble’s exemplary UIQ platform with ‘Enantiodromia‘ – a powerful gradation through cultural inferences and future memory. Bursting through six tracks, the outcome is a furiously smooth hybrid EP, derived in reference to CORIN’s multilateral background in composition.

In contrast to her previous releases, her latest work dedicates itself to the omnipresent influence of performing arts, as she choreographs sounds and focuses on their relation to architectural space and metrics of listening, all while creating an exciting poly-genre result.

Hidden In Plain Sight’, a simple oxymoron; and a track title both elegant and contradictory, consists wholeheartedly as an interplay of textures. Described as “…minimal and somewhat more of a conventional club track…focusing on a hard drum palette with a warped vocal sample that is hinged onto the percussion, creating this push/pull kind of tension.” The fifth track of Enantiodromia presents futuristic industrial sounds and an atmosphere of seemingly melted audio fragments, which forerun the impressive dynamism CORIN has attained.

‘Enantiodromia’ is scheduled for release 3 June via UIQ. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Enantiodromia
2. Ex Nilalang
3. Sublimate
4. Mnemosyne
5. Hidden In Plain Sight
6. Dromos