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Premiere: Craig Birrell – 2506

Temporize is a label you never knew was there. Run by adopted Scottish Son in Berlin, Maiu DJ, the label has a quirky approach to the artists it signs and is always backed up by ace sleeve designs. No cookie-cutter electronics, frequencies or rhythms, and it is not the place to get your portion of bangers either because they are not really what Temporize is about. The back catalogue is diverse, angular, wonky and leftfield. Italo flavoured house releases have been followed up by out-there explorative and wild won’t teck-no for an answer 130bpm-ers and bass-heavy riddims.

Craig Birrell, another furtive Scotland native, takes the controls – and he has taken his sweet ass time on releasing this juicy music. Laser gun keys and crunchy snares on ‘2506‘ showcase his electro-infused take on after-hour club sounds. The submerged intro makes way for a refreshing time signature, creepy melodies lurk in the back of the track balancing a spooky Dopplereffekt style synth.

The EPs underlying ode to weird, clinical Detroit electro also manages to encompass skittish, broken and dubby deconstructed jungle in CCC counterpointed with aquatic enter the chillout zone synths and flying, echo-heavy pings on Zoom0059. Keep those peepers peeled for more Birrell and Temporize out-there electronics.

‘Untitled’ is scheduled for release in vinyl and digital formats on 23 March. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. 2506
2. Arp06
3. CCC
4. Zoom0059