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Premiere: Cressida – Can You Sleep Like This

Carving out his own niche in the space between UK bass and techno, DJ and producer Cressida has been honing his own sound over the past few years. The Berlin-based Brit has released on labels including OSF, Syncretism and Nurse. However, it’s Voitax where he’s become a regular fixture.

Can You Sleep Like This’, came about at a time when Cressida had been going through a bit of a creative lull. Despite this, it came together quite quickly, a synthesis of different kinds of music he’d been listening to at the time. “I’m glad that they can all sit next to each other harmoniously in one EP”, he explains.

Listening to the title track, this multiplicity of influences is apparent. Filled with quick vocal chops, rumbling bass, ravey stabs and contorted breaks, ‘Can You Sleep Like This’ almost feels like a survey of hardcore continuum.

‘Can You Sleep Like This’ is scheduled for release 26 August via Voitax. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Semtex
2. Same Dance
3. Veranda
4. Can You Sleep Like This
5. Purple Hayes