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Premiere: D. Tiffany & Roza Terenzi – Possession

Introductions for D. Tiffany and Roza Terenzi are perhaps unnecessary at this point. They’re two of the underground’s most beloved and prolific artists, equally potent as solo artists and co-conspirators. Covering everything from techy drum and bass to warp speed electro, their debut collaborative LP on Delicate Records does not disappoint.

Edge of Innocence’ is a fine spread of the duo’s diverse tastes and penchant for playful yet punchy sounds. The album’s press release offers some instructional guidance. “Inhibitions are to be absolved, and fat kick-drums to be followed”.

Closing out the release, our pick is ‘Possession’. Blissed-out pads draw us in while the drums retain the snappy bite that permeates a lot of the duo’s tracks and certainly much of this release. This spectral incantation would equally suited to either end of the night and will no doubt cast a spell on many a listener.

‘Edge of Innocence’ is scheduled for release 19 May via Delicate Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Spiritual Delusion
2. Gravity Bongo
3. Liquorice Skritch
4. Lil’ Drummer Boi (feat. Nap & Sleek Bitumen)
5. Grains Of Sand
6. Paparazzi
7. Redemption Arc
8. Possession