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Premiere: Daniel[i] & Launea – Shamisen

For their fifth anniversary, Belgian hypnotic techno outfit Norite bring back their ‘Noritian Mysteries‘ compilation for a second round, featuring 20 tracks from some of the likes of Saphileaum, Forest on Stasys, Lunar Convoy and Foreign Material.

Keeping broadly within the vague boundaries of warmly organic, hypnotic techno, the label finds plenty of wiggle room in the genre, expanding out into 90bpm territory and beyond. That said, the compilation is at its finest when playing within the guidelines of techno.

Daniel[i] and Launea make for a strong collaboration with their track ‘Shamisen‘. The track certainly fits into the compilation’s self-defined mystery, with thin darts of sound, snaking out of the rolling sub-bass, echoing into the air. Percussion is an obvious strength of the pair, and while shown here in restraint the panning shudder of the kit makes all the difference.

‘Noritian Mysteries’ is scheduled for release December 30 via Norite. Order a copy from Bandcamp.  


1. Refracted – Look Inward
2. Foreign Material – The Pillars Of A Nameless City
3. Bascha – Fajar
4. 9beats – Palo Santo
5. Josef Gaard – Tzumu Chant
6. Hierarchy – Xibet
7. Mown – Cursed Gift
8. lunar convoy – k3lp
9. Atis – The Clocktower
10. A. Brehme – Equanimity
11. Simone Bauer – La Danza Delle Ninfe
12. Alume – A’unkwata
13. Daniel[i] & Launaea – Shamisen
14. Atomic moog – Weeping In Dreams
15. Saphileaum – Lay
16. Kyntral – Huemul
17. Forest On Stasys – Paradisaea
18. Hydrangea & Terminal Sync – Equinox
19. Dycide – Initiation
20. The Alchemical Theory – Enigma