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Premiere: Das Ding – Dream Decay

Located in The Netherlands’ Zeeuwsch Vlaanderen region, Danny Bosten originally operated Tear Apart Tapes between 1980 and 1985. In the 2010s, the cult artist, better known as Das Ding, revived the imprint, releasing new music as well as reissuing older material.

In addition to cassettes, some of Tear Apart Tape’s newer releases arrived in the form of 7-inches. These quickly sold out, but have luckily been collated here by Futura Resistenza. Compiling the crucial work of Das Ding, Les Yeux Interdits and Ian Martin, this slick package is the first time these tracks have been issued as an LP.

Our pick from the release is ‘Dream Decay’, one of Das Ding’s later productions. Lean and loopy, it sounds like a snapshot trance in its early years. While that makes it an outlier on this particular compilation, it remains a fine example of Bosten’s frugal approach to building affective music.

‘Tear Apart Tapes – The 7​-​inches’ is scheduled for release 7 June via Futura Resistenza. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Das Ding – Nerd
2. Les Yeux Interdits – Prison
3. Das Ding – Dream Decay
4. Das Ding – If You Keep Putting Things In Perspective You Wind Up In A Vanishing Point
5. Das Ding – Intermission
6. Les Yeux Interdits – Young And Strong
7. Das Ding – 16 (New Mix)
8. Ian Martin – I Can’t Get Time