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Premiere: Dina – Sea Trial

Having made a name for herself via her Nachtcrew nights and Boarding Gate show on n10.as radio, Dina Khashan eventually steps up to display her production skills on Munich’s Molten Moods with her debut solo EP, ‘Sea Trial‘, out February 1st.

A fine slice of pacey, dubbed-out techno with electroid tendencies, this inaugural release from the Canadian-born, Cairo-based DJ and producer won’t fail at getting your senses on alert. Plunging its circuits in infinite pools of reverbs and tape echo for a midnight dip with robot friends, the EP floats in the seam zone between submerged Drexciyan depths and further ethereal harmonics a la Claro Intelecto, woven with a hint of Mathew Jonson’ian minimalism for good measure.

Premiereing through our channels today, the lead-track ‘Sea Trial‘ pulsates with a tension-rising momentum and finesse in execution that shall have it breaking into any set with the power of a dynamic tsunami. As subtle in its construction as it is irresistible in terms of dance floor functionality, this one’s a strong statement for a debuting tune-maker, and after ZULI, Cairo keeps confirming its unique position and growingly influential status on the worldwide clubbing map. Don’t sleep!

Sea Trial is released via Molten Moods on 1st February, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Sea Trial
2. Hewarat

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