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Premiere: DJ Koyote & TSC – Error Does Not Compute

Together or solo, French troublemakers DJ Koyote and Too Smooth Christ keep channeling energies and fluids via their own dedicated platform, Supergenius Records. After a triplet of releases, the pair are set to inaugurate the white series, a new subdivision to the label that in Le Gall’s own words will allow them “to release collaborative jams and more spontaneous things“.

First record lined up, ‘On Some Party Tunes‘ finds Koyote and TSC exploring further ragga and dancehall-indebted riddims, spread over three variations of the same original jam.

Our pick, ‘Error Does Not Compute‘ is also the sleekest of all – pairing seesawing, CPU-processed synth arpeggios with sputtering drums and skunk-oozing bass, for what results in a sweat-inducing slab of out-and-out Jamaican computer music. Get that Windows 95 idyllic beach wallpaper swinging, it’s time to set the ones and zeroes on booty-shake mode.

On Some Party Tunes is released via Supergenius Records in May 2018.


A1. Error Does Not Compute
B1. Strike (On-A-String Mix)
B2. Modern Action

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