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Premiere: DJ Normal 4 & Bufiman – Wind Spell (N4 Hypnormal Dub)

Having already teamed up for a pair of split releases on VFMM a few years ago – check out the top-notch Manifest series if you haven’t, the collaboration between Düsseldorf’s warlock Jan Schulte and his equally gifted studio companion Tim Schumacher is nothing new to the deep, afro-tribal and funk-heavy house heads out there.

Something’s changed quite a bit in the meanwhile though: Schumacher has since turned a corner from the balmy deep house realms and now focuses his efforts onto mystic-imbued slabs of solar-powered jungle and breaks-charged lucid dreaming sessions as DJ Normal 4, whilst Schulte keeps carving out a compelling crossover of afrobeat, disco, house and ambient as Bufiman, Wolf Müller or Diskoking Burnhart McKoolski.

Taken from their new joint effort, ‘The 5 Elements – Water & Air‘ EP, to be released via Aiwo rec. in the coming weeks, our premiere finds Schulte and Schumacher going in for an high-altitude cruise across celestial canopies and cloud-shrouded mountains. Based on a very subtle work on percussions and rife with a lush array of exotic instruments such as woodblocks and panpipes, N4’s “Hypnormal” dub works its blissed-out downtempo magic to perfection, fully geared towards casting an intense poetic light on the dancefloor – no matter the time of the day or energy level of its audience. Breezy ambrosial gem all the way.

The 5 Elements – Water & Air EP is released via Aiwo rec. on the first week of March.


A1. DJ Normal 4 – Water Delusion
A2. DJ Normal 4 & Bufiman – Wind Spell (N4 Hypnormal Dub)
B1. DJ Normal 4 & Bufiman – Wind Spell (Bufi Energy Mix)
B2. Bufiman & DJ Normal 4 – Dance Of The Toads

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