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Premiere: DJ OK – Moving East

So there’s a constant and two variables in the new equation submitted by Dublin’s First Second Label. Part of both projects gathered on the Irish label’s third 12″ split – set for release in a few days, Leibniz is present on both sides under two flags: as DJ OK alongside Felix Paul and DJ bwin with Golem Club affiliate Alex Hoppe.

Back a few months ago we had the pleasure to present the video debut of DJ bwin’s ‘Mit Bonus Ins Casino‘. This time, we’re glad to bring you the full stream of DJ OK’s lush electro-house hybrid ‘Moving East‘ – a blithe, sun-streaked jam perfect for breaking the ice and laying the foundations to a joyful springtime in grassland plains and low hills.

With its velvety melange of jacking house, reshuffled garage-y flexions and shimmering synthlines scudding in fast motion, ‘Moving East‘ makes for a lush, enthralling woolgathering and fine-tuned afternoon groover. Bathed in a thick haze of lo-fi recording FX, its chromatic charm only densifies, drawing on a lively retro appeal that’s no short of captivating.

Untitled EP is released via First Second Label on 13th February, pre-order a vinyl copy from Juno.


1. DJ OK – Oh Oh
2. DJ OK – Moving East
1. DJ Bwin – Mit Bonus Ins Casino
2. DJ Bwin – Cash Out

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