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Premiere: Voiski – 205 Colorline

Remember Marble Madness? This game where the player had to move an onscreen marble across isometric landscapes and reliefs to the finish within a limited time frame. Back in the day, Atari’s fabled minimal platform game – pioneer of the C programming and monaural audio, brought its lot of technological advances in an era where 2D still prevailed.

French producer Voiski picked the title of his new studio effort for Parisian label DEMENT3D – ‘Marble Sadness‘ – in reference to this game and there’s little question why, given Luc’s background both as a gamer and art student enamored with Escherian perspectives. As for the sound itself, just like the influence of video-game permeates throughout the title and artwork, Voiski’s early love for trance and euro-dance shines just as bright over the course of these four smouldering club burners.

Named after the model of his first car, ‘205 Colorline‘ raises a hurricane of fast-ascending arpeggios, flashing synth shards and skittish percussions thrown in a maelstrom of trance-y tech like a breeze block in the drum of a washing machine. Letting loose on the horsepower, Voiski drops the hammer with force and accuracy. A big-room destroyer, gripping from first bar to last.

Marble Sadness is released via DEMENT3D Records on 13th February, pre-order a vinyl copy from Juno.


A1. Tin There
A2. 205 Colorline
B1. Micro Mouse Mappy
B2. Marble Sadness

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