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DJ bwin

With their debut split about to drop via First Second Label, the timing felt ideal to invite Leipzig-via-Hamburg duo DJ bwin over for a little mixing session. The result defies gravity with its intense mashup of old school hip-hop, convulsive breakbeat, hi-NRG house and screwed electronics.

Video Premiere: DJ bwin – Mit Bonus ins Casino

OOUKFunkyOO adorns DJ bwin’s lead track ‘Mit Bonus ins Casino’ with a kaleidoscopic mishmash of thermal camera visions, acid-induced hallucinations and geometric patterns breaking out in brightly-hued digital origamis.

Premiere: Minimal Violence – Under The Sign Of Saturn

Today we’re pleased to stream the sensuous ‘Under The Sign Of Saturn’, a killer halftone churner dipped in a dynamic pool of druggy, tape-saturated layers. Check that roaring blaze of debonair toms and hi-hats bursting over a light-hearted fluttering groove, whilst muted vocals keep sinking the track into a washed-out daydream. Exquisite.