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Premiere: Lee Kelly – Our Place In Time

Following on from the aromatic, breaksy house flavours of ELLLL’s ‘Febreeze‘ EP issued a few months ago, Dublin’s First Second Label enlists local boy Lee Kelly, aka Sage, for a much ear-pleasing round of solar-powered machine funk and organic house magic. Comprised of four tracks lifted from Kelly’s 2018-released debut tape album for wherethetimegoes, this ‘Excerpts From Layers Of Identity‘ 12″ also features an exclusive bonus remix from Berlin groove commando DJ OK.

Streaming through our channels today, the lushly textured, string-slathered ‘Our Place In Time‘ is the kind of vividly moving tune to have you feeling like a tiny piece of driftwood gliding across the rapids of life in just a few (well-arranged) sleights of hand. A most exquisite slice of hyper-sensitive electronics, geared with the very right amount of FX-doused koto-like hooks, neo-classical strings and propulsive rhythmic lead, Kelly’s balmy chugger shall do wonders at sunrise beach and boat-parties, when the sun eventually resurfaces from beyond the sleepy skyline to re-ignite the flame. Dancing knee-deep in an ocean of light and tears.

Excerpts From Layers Of Identity is released via First Second Label on 21st June, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Still Hopeful It’s True
2. Ezzzz Into It
3. Our Place In Time
4. S.H.I.T. (DJ OK RemixXXX)
5. You Can Still Live Free

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