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Premiere: Minimal Violence – Under The Sign Of Saturn

Initially devoted to promoting the local scene and its surroundings via free digital releases, Dublin-based outlet First Second Label finally turned into a proper international and vinyl venture this year, kicking things off with a debut EP courtesy of Isaiah Tapes boss Bessiekat a couple of months ago.

After contributing a track to Jungle Gym’s ‘Black Summer Tape‘ last year, Vancouver duo Minimal Violence step up with their debut ‘Untitled‘ EP – an hypnotic four-track drift across static-filled swamps and post-industrial landscapes. Head in the clouds, feet to the ground.

Today we’re pleased to stream the sensuous ‘Under The Sign Of Saturn‘, a killer halftone churner dipped in a dynamic pool of druggy, tape-saturated layers. Check that roaring blaze of debonair toms and hi-hats bursting over a light-hearted fluttering groove, whilst muted vocals keep sinking the track into a washed-out daydream. Exquisite.

Untitled EP is released via First Second Label on June 17th, order a vinyl copy from Juno


A1. Under The Sign Of Saturn
A2. Eros And Thanatos
B1. Youth At Night
B2. Glacial Drift

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