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Premiere: DJ Rubio – Cannonball

Little is known about Finnish producer DJ Rubio, except for the fact that he debuted earlier this year on Toma Kami’s imprint Man Band with his ‘Western Medicine‘ EP. Now he steps up to self release his first ever album through his imprint Hottest Name On The Market.

‘Heartbreaker’ was recorded “in session during Christmas week 2018 using an array of music synthesizers and effect units, a collection of field recordings from my own archives and a six-string Fender Stratocaster.”

Our premiere ‘Cannonball‘ reflects a straightforward recording process, translating it into a swinging dream ballad recalling shoegaze and dream-pop atmospheres. Field recordings play a pivotal role in the track providing both vitality and a human touch that enhances the melancholy. In its simplicity, ‘Cannonball‘ grafts curiosity, providing the sonic backbone for the album.

‘Heartbreaker’ is scheduled for release 23 May 2019, order a digital copy from Bandcamp. DJ Rubio performs live in June at Solstice Festival 2019.


1. Cannonball
2. Bass Cathedral
3. (+358) S-Phyxi8
4. Socrates Horn pt.II
5. Heartbreaker
6. Tulisuudelma 2018
7. Crawling On The Shoreline

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