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Solstice Festival 2019

Solstice is a boutique music and arts festival taking place on top of Ruka, a fell in northern Finland whose usual role as a ski resort is set to be overshadowed by the rich plethora of electronic and experimental music set to take place between Thursday 20th June – Sunday 23rd June 2019.

Set within the Arctic Circle, attendees will experience continuous daylight throughout the three day event, powered by an international lineup of relentless and energetic DJ’s and live sets, including DJ Nobu, Buttechno, Celestial Trax, Shanti Celeste, Mama Snake and D.Tiffany.

The international lineup is supplemented by a host of already established Finns, who support the trend of fast and heavy techno, EBM, post-punk and electro, as well as an intriguing array of site-specific art installations as respite for tired and weary ravers.

Solstice Forest

Balancing hedonistic club music, conceptual art and practised sustainability, all wrapped up under an eternal summer sky, Solstice looks to be one of the most exciting new electronic music and arts festivals to emerge in recent years.

Flights are available to local airport Kuusamo via Finnair and shuttle buses will operate from Helsinki to Ruka from 19th June. There are four different types of accommodation available ranging from group cabins, apartments, luxury villas and hotel rooms. Check Solstice’s website for further information.


Antti Salonen / Better Things to Do / Buttechno / Celestial Trax / Djrubio / D. Tiffany / Daniel Kayrouz / Denzel / Dj Aleksi / Dj Jese / Dj Nobu / Emma Valtonen / Emma Dj / Hanna Ojanen / J.Lindroos / Justus Valtanen / Kristiina Männikkö / Lara Silva / Lauri Soini / Linda Lazarov / Mama Snake / Marju / Miro-benji / Olli Koponen / Onni Boi / Rad Live / Running Live / Sansibar / Sebastian Holm / Shanti Celeste / Skooge Records / Spekki Webu / Tero Männikkö / Yu Chuan


Caracara Collective / Nikolo & Santeri / Sini Henttu / Irene Suosalo / Matti Vilho / Jenny Koivukoski