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Premiere: DJ Ungel – Velah

Having delivered one of this year’s most thrilling debuts with Memphis ‘Beneath A Different Sun‘, Dutch imprint Mirror Zone are back at it with their highly-anticipated second instalment, coming courtesy of Düsseldorf up-and-comer and Candomblé collective member DJ Ungel.

Scheduled for release on 24th September, ‘Transpirits‘ attires itself in the lushest faux-organic folds and drapings. A total mind-trip of dub shamanism and sleek-textured ambient scaping, the record blends in a sluggish acid DNA with incorporated tribal polyrhythms and delayed melodic coaction, creating the kind of soul-healing atmospheric uplift one can’t help but ecstatically indulge in.

Our pick ‘Velah‘ merges such pleasure-seeking flavours with further striking hedonism. Falls of ringing chimes cascade through variedly rhythmic and off-beat sequences, sneaking their way across dense curtains of flowing echoes, drums and breaks, as pads seem to expand their reach way beyond what the ear can hear. Befogging all sense of harmonic linearity, Ungel’s music deftly disjoints and re-articulates concrete elements into more abstract, awareness-raising motifs. VIBES!

Transpirits is released via Mirror Zone on 24th September, pre-order a copy from Juno.


A1. Velah
A2. Diffused Engines
B1. Transpirits

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