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Premiere: DJ Unsure – You Know You Can Love You

Over the last few years Lisbon has emerged – along its undeniable touristic appeal – as a choice destination for dancers and music heads with its constantly increasing number of quality clubbing spaces, well-stocked record stores and hyperactive party collectives steadily taking over the Portuguese capital, while exporting its homegrown artists just as efficiently.

New label in town, No She Doesn’t step up with a much hyped debut VA, ‘NSD001‘, due out early March. Packed with Chicago-style churning and vibing house groovers, all soaked in a thick dip of tape-saturation and hissy warbles, the EP features some hot foot-shuffling input from high-potential newcomers DJ Legwarmer, DJ Spielberg, Joakim Hellgren and DJ Unsure.

Closing the flip, DJ Unsure’s laid-back melter ‘You Know You Can Love You‘ crosses over luscious RnB female vocals with comatose hi-hat patterns and pastel pads scudding in the background. Drenched from head to toe in a heavy-lidded after party atmosphere, reminiscent of Florian Kupfer’s early L.I.E.S. material – like an idle, slo-mo echo to ‘Lifetrax‘ and ‘Feelin‘, the track may unfold with languid grace, it is sure to blaze up the ether that girdles the club in the wee hours of the morning.

NSD001 is released on 6th March, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. DJ Legwarmer – Waiting For You
A2. DJ Spielberg – Useful Powder
B1. Joakim Hellgren – Fatale
B2. DJ Unsure – You Know You Can Love You

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