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Premiere: Downstairs People – Slow It

It seems like many of the artists affiliated with INDEX:Records care about entertainment and innovation in equal measures, playfulness and left-field dexterity in happy coexistence on their tracks. While ‘Underground Pop’ is perhaps more rooted in established norms than previous releases, there’s certainly a tongue-in-cheek approach, the accompanying press release promising “aural serotonin hits that touch the feel-good receptors”.

Downstairs People are friends and label affiliates, the group’s name an acknowledgment of their basement studio in Berlin. With late-night sessions and experimental recordings stitched together by INDEX:Record’s Jorge Camacho, the resulting record touches on synth-pop, house and R&B.

An attempt to create raw unfiltered pop, ‘Slow it’ came about at the beginning of the project. A thick baseline provides the backbone for the track, setting the stage for two carefree crooners riding the type of low-slung funk that’s primed for house parties and hot summer nights.

‘Underground Pop’ is scheduled for release 16 April via INDEX:Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Some Music
2. On The Phone
3. 2 Bedroom
4. Gateway
5. Live
6. Slow It
7. Baby
8. Simulation
9. Tell Me Your Name
10. The Path