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Premiere: Dr.Nojoke – Mumucu

Succeeding his ‘zero – definite edition’ EP released in December 2023, Berlin-based producer Frank Bogdanowitz – better known as Dr.Nojoke – returns with the four-track ‘M‘ EP on his imprint CLIKNO.

After numerous appearances on Berlin-based imprint Klangscheiben, Koche, Saraw and Clonk among others, ‘M‘ reveals four everlasting treasures tucked away in subterranean mines. Spread across four tracks, Dr.Nojoke weaves a solid coil of minimal techno cuts, psyched-out micro house and cavernous dub techno.

Our pick for the premiere is ‘Mumucu‘ – a tender-hearted micro house skydive over the Östliche Karwendelspitze. Dr.Nojoke provides you with the ideal soundtrack to choose your snazzy webbing-sleeved jumpsuit with a fusion of delicate drumming pads, trippy FX sounds, and rolling basslines.

‘M’ EP is scheduled for release on 22th March via CLIKNO. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Miliplex
2. Mustart
3. Mumucu
4. Moimon