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Premiere: Dr. Skime – RX7 Jams

Since establishing his label back in 2012, Bintus has ushered Power Vacuum to a position of strength in the often very normative techno game. Using the platform as a boundary-pushing tool for off-road and nonconformist 4/4 genre-busters, Smee surrounded himself with the cream of electronic music’s most thought-provoking contributors including EDMX, Objekt, An-i and Rephlex’s very own Cylob to name just a few.

After two solid iterations in the VA series ‘Vectors‘, Power Vacuum returns with a blazing third instalment featuring the likes of rising multi-talented artist Pan Daijing, L.I.E.S. affiliate Beau Wanzer, up-and-coming Bristol producer Inca Pax and everyone’s favourite acid-eating koala Bleaching Agent. Boosted on frantic primitive beats, fiery bass outbreaks and acid-dunked hallucinogenic patterns, ‘Vectors 3‘ blasts out hyper-pigmented electro-tech blends in machine-gun mode.

Our premiere which also serves as the record’s opener comes courtesy of the not so well known Dr. Skime. Built upon 3 short jams executed on a Yamaha RX5 – all rolling at 140 bpm and cut apart by one bar on the record at the same tempo, the track’s a full frontal Fx-less burner that shall bulldoze its way across dancefloors with maximum impact.

Vectors 3 is released via Power Vacuum on 24th January, pre-order a copy from Juno.


A1. Dr. Skime – RX7 Jams
A2. Pan Daijing – Very Uncomfortable, Please
B1. Beau Wanzer – Up Chuck’s
B2. Duran Duran Duran – Drap Jam
C1. Pan Daijing – Druid (Bintus Rmx)
C2. Inca Pax – Transfer Function
D1. Martyn Hare – Time Terminated
D2. Bleaching Agent – Operai

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