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Premiere: Duo Odio – Manú

Innovation and unrestricted experimentation are the flavour of the day in 2021, as the humanitarian crisis continues to impact every realm of day to day life. Producers and labels en masse have spent free time grinding out new vibrations and methods of creating tracks they may not have had the time to indulge prior.

One such label is G89 Records, based in Santiago (Chile) but dreamt up in Cartago (Columbia). Advocating freedom and welcoming all manner of exploration in the sonic dimension, the two brothers have built an output hinging on the windows of the soul – the five senses. Their opaque aesthetic has drawn in artists from across the world, combining their shared talents in delivering high quality music with an emphasis on sensory perception and future progression.

Their latest offering comes from Chilean project Duo Odio, an avant-garde pairing born out of the Musical Experimentation Laboratory process. The controlled environment through which they conceive tracks delves into traditional sampling as well as nouveau composition approaches and the unendingly important music concrète.

Patria y Ruido’ is their latest audio-visual creation, with the LP drawing on fundamental elements deep-rooted in the human psyche and our moral compasses. Spirituality relevant and psychologically manifest, the tracks provide emotional security via an elemental texture and intricate structure.

Manú’ underpins their methodology to a tee. The angelic choral ambience provides sustenance for the crunching modem-like resonance, as glimmering keys elegantly drip through like ink on blotting paper. The balance of stagnated art-noise and opulent ambience is spot on, not overbearingly haphazard and mesmerisingly poignant.

Patria y Ruido’ is a record that hits deep within moments, as warm waves of complex noise promise relief and take you where you need to go.

‘Patria y Ruido’ is scheduled for release 26 March via G89 Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Eterno Retorno
2. Broken Structures
3. Manú
4. Elella
5. Mnzls Dub
6. Andes Empire
7. Eco de Un
8. Crítica y Métrica [White Edition 004]_3.22
9. Music