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Premiere: Duswunder – Black Bile

After furnishing the world with the highest quality futuristic beats for 10 years, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that Mexican label Infinite Machine have turned in one of their finest releases yet in celebration, a bumper 19-track compilation featuring label mainstays and new and upcoming artists.

Reaching 94 releases in the formal catalogue — plus additional releases, bringing the total to over 100 — across the 10-year tenure, Infinite Machine have released some timeless electronic music including early and formative releases from the likes of Ziúr and Galtier, with more recent releases from Soft as Snow and Xiao Quan evidencing their position as a front-runner in the experimental fields of club music.

Our premiere from the compilation comes courtesy of an artist previously unfamiliar to us, Duswunder, whose only prior release arrived via London’s All Centre label. Entitled ‘Black Bile‘, the track earns its title with pitch-black aesthetic, underlit by neo-noir synth lines and waves of caustic bass brought together with an attitude that gives us hope for more from Duswunder very soon, on Infinite Machine or elsewhere.

‘Infinite Machine 10 Years Compilation’ is scheduled for release 3 December via Infinite Machine. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Benfika – Reflejo
2. Matías Contreras – Rizoooo
3. Galtier – My Mess Is A Face
4. Only Now – Forged
5. Egroj – UPS
6. Sistema Aero – Virtual Rave Destruction
7. Laughing Ears – 30°N.
8. Bungalovv – Alacran
9. Xiao Quan – The Vengeful Spirit of Iron Fist
10. Gaul Plus – Motorcycle Angel
11. Avernian – Malleable
12. Duswunder – Black Bile
13. Ma Sha Ru – Volcanic December
14. El irreal Veintiuno – Dogma
15. Daniel Ruane – ZZZZZ
16. Renslink – Sister Above
17. Yilan – Cortisol
18. Softmatter – Atemportal
19. W3C – Templar