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Henrik Jonsson up next on Workshop with 2xLP as PST

Joining the ranks of Kassem Mosse and Zigtrax as one of the rare solo artists to land an album on Even Tuell and Lowtec’s highly regarded Workshop imprint, is Henrik Jonsson’s PST project.

Jonsson – also known for his output as Porn Sword Tobacco on seminal electronic label City Centre Offices – has gradually pivoted towards the fringes of house and techno, with split releases together with SVN and DJ Fett Burger on Recording.

Workshop 31‘ sees Jonsson strike out in earnest as PST as a solo venture, with a hypnotically meandering set of tracks that nod towards a multitude of surprising genres and moods, which we won’t spoil here, as much as it does towards the dusty four on the floor that Workshop is known for.

As with anything Workshop, the album is already starting to surface in the wild, so expect to see it spread into your expected regular stockists over the coming weeks.

‘Workshop 31’ is out now via Workshop. Order a copy from Hardwax.


A1. Take One
B1. Choices In Paradise
B2. Limbic Soirée
C1. Open Air
D1. Tati
D2. Enantiodromia (Summer of 2020 Mix)

Pst Cd