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Premiere: E L O N – Inside The Private City

If you’ve heard his debut record on Mind Records, the much unjustly overlooked ‘Concupiscence‘, you’ll sure be happy to hear California-based producer Elon Katz is making a comeback this year with his anticipated debut full-length as E L O N.

Due for release through San Francisco’s Left Hand Path, ‘Pneumania‘ is a coinage derived from the words ‘pneumonia‘ and ‘pneumatic‘ that’s meant to “characterize an accumulative paradigm shift experienced within the past decade: a rampant increase of precarity and austerity, an acceleration of avarice, and a trend toward extreme political schism“, the label explains, which sheds a brighter light on the metaphorical and conceptual power behind E L O N’s kaleidoscopic compositions.

Reeling out a psychoactive and transmutable collection of rhythmic experiments that veer off further into abstract analogue territories, glassy futurism and verbed-out illbient scopes, Katz ushers his listener into a world of apparent shine but cracked with subtle dystopian wormholes and rogue glitches.

So is the case with our premiere, ‘Inside The Private City‘ – a loopy-structured, hip-hop informed instrumental number floating in limbo between a state of sedated quiet and a spam-busy kind of headspace. Like entering the most intricate of mazes with no compass, ‘Pneumania‘ is a record to lose your sanity to – seeking answers where there is actually nothing but questions. Mind-bending stuff.

Pneumania is released via Left Hand Path on 25th June, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. The Narrative
2. My Tertiary Agency
3. Inside the Private City
4. Standing with Precarity
5. Denizen Friend
6. Pneumania

Discover more about E L O N and Left Hand Path on Inverted Audio.

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