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Premiere: Estebahn – Freakin’ (Original Mix)

Fresh off a fine contribution to Brainwaves recent VA issuing, ‘Caustic Dance‘, Geneva-based producer Estebahn returns to the Swiss imprint with his debut solo EP, ‘Aquatic Intervention‘ – featuring six acid-soaked, Detroit-bred electro rippers that shall wreak absolute havoc in the paddocks. Madness coming dead ahead.

Lifted from the record, our premiere ‘Freakin‘ pulls out the punchy breaks and stealth sub-bass moves for a massively banging ride. Sure to bring the dance floor to heel under maximum aural pressure, Estebahn’s futuristic club smasher ushers us across a kaleidoscopic meshwork of buzzing 303-emulated salvos, puncturing kicks and sharp-edged, Bunker-style brutalism. Next-level riot music in full effect.

Aquatic Intervention is released via Brainwaves on 25th September, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Ode to Thomas
2. Transrapid
3. Freakin’ (Original Mix)
4. Freakin’ (Ostbahn Subaquatic Dub)
5. Eastbound (M-Bahn Mix)
6. Freakin’ (Weith F7U12-Mix)

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