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Premiere: Fabio Monesi – Ancient Gate

Unsung prince of acidic electronics and dust-clogged Chicagoan grooves, Fabio Monesi is the man behind Wilson Records and Hardmoon London, but also one of the most intriguing heralds of a certain underground quality in club music, if anything like that exists.

At the helm of Wilson for about five years now, the Italian-born London-based producer has slowly but surely built one of the finest back-catalogues when it comes to passive-aggressive floor-ready material. Having gathered the likes of Gene Hunt, Steve Murphy and OL around him to form a markedly cohesive imprint – and complete with around ten releases from the maestro himself, Monesi returns to his home label with the buoyant ‘Wishing On The Stars‘ EP.

Streaming in full over our channels, the opener – ‘Ancient Gate‘ – grants you a one-way ticket into the quicksands of time, halfway the greater scope of a twisted cosmic elevation and concrete-clad horizons of the Detroit suburbs. Melding the lysergic facet of Unit Moebius and Legowelt with the flat, thumping drums of Pittman and co., this one combines all the elements to sink your mind into a deep haze of hot tar fumes and druggy entanglements. Mind-bending stuff all the way.

Wishing On The Stars is released via Wilson Records on 30th August, pre-order a copy from Juno.


A1. Ancient Gate
B1. Wishing On The Stars

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