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Premiere: Fango – Metacarpo

Described by Michael Mayer as “the most insane Italian since Berlusconi“, Fango certainly makes for one of today’s most interesting and singular voices in the very calibrated world of big-room techno – his untamed, demented take on such standards proving the genre has still more to offer than just a cohort of drubbing kicks and a few minimal bass moves.

Firing flurries of stomping kick drums, all aimed at ransacking warehouses and basements at industrial speed, Fango also masters the art of immersive, Giallo-inflected atmospheres as attested by his hypnotic ‘Viscera‘ triptych, whose third and final instalment will be released early November.

Our premiere, the martial ‘Metacarpo‘ rolls out a fierce mash-up of thunderous drums, trumpeting elephant sounds and script-like percs colliding in pounding onslaughts. Like a blacksmith forging the sword to a coming vengeance, hammering the red-hot iron on a rusty anvil, this one promises to destroy everything in its wake. Gutsy.

Viscera 3/3 is released via Degustibus Music on 4th November, order a vinyl copy from Juno.


A1. Amnios
B1. Medulla
B2. Metacarpo

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