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Shamos returns to Apron with ‘Games and Dreams’

After opening the new season of Apron Records‘ adventures with the promising ‘Road Works Part 1‘, the rather secretive London-based DJ and producer Shamos returns to Steven Julien’s imprint with ‘Games and Dreams‘, a four-track EP playing in the same category of raw offbeat house and techno melanges.

If ‘Palace Pavillion‘ finds him exploring a rather straightforward house momentum, ‘Crisp Biscuit‘ is a fun and fizzy 303-laden jam. Flip the record and ‘Real Dreams‘ welcomes you in a lush jungle of ambient-imbued sounds whilst ‘Bound For Borders‘ gets back to a Janus-faced, basement vibey mixture of hissy hi-hats, raucous bass spurts and washed-out pads.

Games and Dreams is released via Apron Records on 1st November 2016.


A1. Palace Pavillion
A2. Crisp Biscuit
B1. Real Dreams
B2. Bound For Borders

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