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Premiere: Feloneezy – Rain

For their next release, Baroque Sunburst spread their wings to Belgrade for a four-track ‘Axis to Axis‘ EP from Serbian producer Feloneezy.

Baroque Sunburst’s previous release from Flørist was an essential piece of wax, a cut diamond of breaks and developing rhythms. This next EP from Feloneezy picks up where Flørist left off, with a hybridised approach to genre and form, and a warm suite of transportive sounds at the core of the music.

It’s not so surprising on a little investigation into the producer: a sparse back catalogue it may be, but no less illustrious for the minimal output — Opal Tapes, Hyperdub and Teklife have all made home on compilations for the Serbian’s music to date. But Baroque Sunburst are first to the punch when it comes to a full solo release, which we hope will be the first of many.

Whereas his full creativity seems to run rampant on tracks like ‘Now I’m Gonna Miss Another One‘ and ‘Celia‘— filled with distracted patterns deviating from a linear progression, and creative snapshots of sound and field recordings — the more dancefloor leanings of Baroque Sunburst come to the fore on ‘Rain‘, a d’n’b/jungle-informed beat that throws ambience (both nostalgic and futuristic) together with unique clattering percussion.

The balance of forward-thinking dance tracks with the more cerebral and pieces pull the listener in, to become absorbed in the abstract concepts of the record. It’s another power move from one of our favourite young labels going right now, an unmissable piece for lovers of obscurities and different grooves.

‘Axis to Axis’ is scheduled for release 13 August via Baroque Sunburst. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. 4200
2. Now I’m Gonna Miss Another One
3. Rain
4. Celia