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Premiere: Flørist – Headrush

Fresh after taking care of our October broadcast on Netil Radio, Baroque Sunburst flash onto the scene with their third 12-inch” ‘Intermedia 1‘, a vibrant and enigmatic three-tracker from Berlin-based producer Flørist.

Flørist has spread his wings wide over the world of electronic music, with records on esteemed labels (such as The Trilogy Tapes and Pacific Rhythm) showing a diverse and clear-eyed vision of dance music. His next outing for the London-based Baroque Sunburst shows no deviance from this path — in fact, enhanced clarity of vision are the order of the day.

Although the two warm and adventurous wonders on the B-side are by no means something to turn your nose at, ‘Headrush‘ demands your attention quite unlike else at present. Sprawling out over the whole A-side, Flørist instantly creates a dense atmosphere with shattered breaks and harmonic textures, dropping 4/4 for subtle, off-beat variations. The rolling punches are delicate yet devastating in effect, seemingly raising the tempo by a major factor, whilst also retaining a calm, restrained air.

Nothing short of essential, Baroque Sunburst may only be on their third release, but are already showing undeniable quality.

‘Intermedia 1’ is scheduled for release 26 November via Baroque Sunburst. Order a digital copy from Bandcamp and the 12-inch from Honest Jon’s.


1. Headrush
2. Untitled 1
3. Untitled 2