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Premiere: DJ Akoza – Dog U Out (Mutant Joe Remix)

Berlin’s Jupiter 4 come correct with their next release, ‘Dog U Out‘, a hefty seven-track EP from DJ Akoza backed up by formidable remix material of the title track from Mutant Joe, DJ Normal 4, and Cyan85.

The label’s past records feature predominantly slamming electro and techno variations from the likes of Jensen Interceptor, so DJ Akoza’s A-side marks a bold sidestep from the label into hip-hop and rap edit territory, with familiar voices from this universe twisted into new medleys across the original material.

Then comes the flip-side — given over entirely to rugged club versions of ‘Dog U Out‘, none is more ferocious than Mutant Joe‘s nightmarish rework to close the record. Despite the horror-movie chime step-in to the track, little can prepare you for the blistering jungle breaks that drop in after the lead vocal sample.

The essential essence of dark and relentless jungle twisted up into a modern framework, the post-bridge breakdown of punching sub-bass comes in almost like a full-front gabber assault — before flipping over once again into those menacing drum attack formations. Essential end-of-night weaponry.

‘Dog U Out’ is scheduled for release 30 November via Jupiter 4. Order a copy on Bandcamp


1. Follow The Leader
2. Against Yourself
3. Dead N’ Gone
4. Dog U Out
5. Dog U Out (Cyan85 Bass Fix)
6. Dog U Out (DJ Normal 4’s No Front Mixx)
7. Dog U Out (Mutant Joe Remix)