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Premiere: Larionov & St. Theodore – Destruction Wave

*This premiere is part of our collaboration with Craigie Knowes, in which we cast a limelight on the Scottish imprint through editorial and a limited run of exclusive merchandise. Buy + View Merch.

Like a stalking horse, Craigie Knowes has increasingly become a central player in electronic music. Little by little, they’ve assembled a catalogue that features some of the most singular voices in their respective scenes.

As such, you never quite know what you’re going to get from a Craigie Knowes release and each one is a delightful surprise. For example, this latest release from Larionov & St. Theodore is a monstrous, stinging slap on the back from a jovial, ruddy faced uncle grade of surprise. And boy does it slap.

Leading off with our premiere ‘Destruction Wave‘, it is a no-holds-barred ragged assault, which you should probably expect from an EP that is titled ‘Thunderstrike‘. A years supply of crash cymbals are fired out over five and a half minutes with a rasping bassline and dramatic synthwave strings.

‘Thunderstrike’ EP is scheduled for release 30 November via Craigie Knowes. Order a copy from Red Eye.


1. Destruction Wave
2. Never Forever
3. Infinity Abyss
4. Cursed Dreams