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Arch detail ‘Life on Small Planets’ compilation feat. Fred Mann, Magna Pia, Inland & John Gürtler

Following a trio of sold out events in Berlin, Arch make the transition from event promoter to record label with the announcement of their debut 10-track compilation ‘Life on Small Planets’.

Arch was born as a reaction to the pandemic, offering a series of socially distanced live concerts at Prince Charles, featuring an array of local producers who dropped their techno leanings, to instead focus on creating a haven for meditative music by exploring experimental, avant-garde, IDM, electro-acoustic and post-club ambience.

Featuring new music from Amandra, Fred Mann, Inland & John Gürtler, Jamaica Suk, Johanna Knutsson, Kev Sheridan, Magna Pia, Mathias Schober, Merrin Karras and Perm & HAL, ‘Life on Small Planets’ is a refreshing reminder of the power and importance of contemporary (electronic) music and is a fitting tribute to these troubling and restricted times.

‘Life on Small Planets’ is scheduled for release 15 December via arch. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Perm & HAL – Schonig Fortab
2. Amandra – Potara
3. Inland & John Gürtler – Harmony Squared
4. Kev Sheridan – Exploding Bursts of Colour
5. Jamaica Suk – Serenity In Chaos
6. Fred Mann – Runaway
7. Mathias Schober – The Start of Something
8. Magna Pia – Jericho
9. Merrin Karras – Life on Small Planets
10. Johanna Knutsson – Farväl Allt Jag Vet