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Premiere: flywheel – Aqueous

Kicking things off with Tullis Rennie’s ‘Fixed Freedoms’ earlier this year, Accidental Jnr serve up a third helping of their Room 2 Series. ‘Cracked Plastic’ is the next release from Finn Page under the alias flywheel and is in line with Room 2’s focus on electronic music that pushes against the constraints of the dancefloor.

Live hardware performance is an important part of the London-based producer’s music which often sits within the slippery category of IDM. His recent ‘Hot Topics’ EP for Gimme A Break Records favoured high tempos and complex rhythms. ‘Cracked Plastic’ is not a complete departure from this sound, but Page has brought in more muted organic tones that, in many places, lend these tracks the feel of live percussion.

The juxtaposition of the synthetic and the organic is most pleasing on ‘Aqueous’. The polyrhythmic complexity of this track means that it’s suitable for deployment by only the most competent of DJs, though perhaps it’s best suited for solo headphone contemplation.

‘Cracked Plastic’ is scheduled for release 14 October via Accidental Jnr. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. In Sparks
2. Epoch Gub
3. Fogged Up
4. Silo
5. Aqueous