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Ominira transmit broken drum-machines from Übertragung

Kassem Mosse’s record label Ominira have released a CD-R album from Übertragung, encompassing 9 tracks of skewered electronics created using a broken drum-machine.

Recorded during the Summer of 2022 using a broken and repaired analogue drum-machine gifted by a friend, ‘Memory Pool Music‘ was created using a Memory Rhythm SR-88 and Korg MS-10 analogue synthesizer. Resulting in an abstract album of outer space noise and granular electronics.

‘Memory Pool Music’ is out now via Ominira. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Memory Pool Metal Storm
2. Enhancing the Channgels
3. Splitter
4. Nachtabsenkung
5. Memory Pool Advance
6. Gelatinous Kristallo
7. Mitgliedschaftslevel
8. Memory Pool Of Radiance
9. Hasbro