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Premiere: Foans – Heavy Traffic

Whenever you’re in need for some quality slabs of papaya-flavoured grooves, jacuzzi-warm house beats and other smooth coastal chillers to soundtrack your poolside lucid dreaming sessions, you can be sure 100% Silk are your go-to retailers.

This time, the Los Angeles label travels to the steep canyons and uneven reliefs of the Colorado region with Foans, a young producer who first emerged last year with the promising ‘Schema‘, a highly-limited debut tape for hyperactive Danish imprint Speaker Footage that saw him dabbling in hazy, ambientish house convincingly.

His sophomore iteration, the eight-track mini album ‘Frontier‘ has Foans delving deeper in jerky percussive patterns, fleshing out his melodic lines as the groove gains a more club-ready momentum. Our pick, the vibey ‘Heavy Traffic‘ exudes a pleasure-seeking elixir of whispered vocals and understated piano keys, looping bars of a muffled synth hook to hug you tightly. A true caress for the senses.

Frontier is released via 100% Silk on August 5th.


1. Frontier
2. Veracruz
3. Lakeside
4. Manitou
5. Depression Regression
6. Bring It Here
7. Heavy Traffic
8. Late Nineties Vein

Discover more about Foans and 100% Silk on Inverted Audio.