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Premiere: Future DZ – Sawed Off

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee – a city better known for being the cradle of country music, Jaundice and DZee form the backbone to the Future DZ duo, which has way less to do with Johnny Cash than with The Hague sound, and their latest offering for the label they help co-run, Tram Planet Records, although tracing rings of fire in its wake, further ratifies that lineage.

A shape-shifting collection of post-apocalyptic Detroit electro and squelchy acid grooves sieved through filthy filters – perfect to play in your muscle car while speeding the highway at night, ‘Splint Mask‘ finds the duo at their most epic and unhindered. Premiering today through our channels, ‘Sawed Off‘ is a high-octane 303 fuelled racer blazing with a hint of Unit Moebius weirdness and off-the-cuff rugged hardware spritz. If you like your electro scruffy, grinding and aggro like we do, Future DZ have you covered. Get in the zone and feel the burn, you’re in for a treat.

Splint Mask EP is released via Tram Planet Records on 25th July, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Subotica
A2. Mushroom Pill
A3. Worst Drum Solo Ever
A4. Slim Fast Slimmin’
B1. Sine Out
B2. Sawed Off
B3. Metal Deposit
B4. MSG Bread (Breaks)

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