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Solid Blake journeys far and wide for Newtype Rhythms

The latest episode of our sister series Newtype Rhythms comes with an experimental journey courtesy of Solid Blake, a Copehagen-via-Glasgow artist that has made a serious mark in the past year.

Initially a member of the Apeiron Crew collective, Emma Blake was already filling rooms across the world with her vivid selections and methodical mixing. However, once she began working solo under the moniker of Solid Blake, she started afresh carving out a new sonic identity that included some electro-tinged productions.

Between putting out excellent tunes for Bronktoys, Outer Zone and most recently Monkeytown (with an appearance on Modeselektor’s Modeselektion Vol. 4 compilation) she diverts towards a more direct, demonstrative path with Danish techno collaborator Ctrls under the guise of Historical Repeater.

With their latest release, ‘Scientific Calculator’, a thwacking techno thumper of an EP out now Sunil Sharpe’s Earwiggle imprint, she was asked if she could take a different, more adventurous approach to her guest mix for Newtype Rhythms. Emma obliged and provides a hefty mix full of sonic surprises. Her mix starts at around 55 minutes in, with resident Sheepshead providing a different sort of warm-up mix to ease things in. Lay off the Codec conversations and get ready for an unexpected journey.


00:00 – 54:52 – Mixed by Sheepshead

01. Mount Kimbie – Between Time
02. Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit – Fearer
03. Acronym – Phonically
04. Peder Mannerfelt – The Toad
05. Primitive Art – Sequrity
06. Burial – NYC
07. Batu – Whisper
08. Akufen – The Dragonfly Who Thought He Was A Mockingbird
09. Shed – Estrange
10. James Ruskin – Cast Dwon
11. My Brightest Diamond – Dragonfly (Murcof Remix)

54:53 – END – Mixed by Solid Blake

01. Rodney – Isn’t Going To
02. Lucrecia Dalt – Edge
03. Dale Cornish – Lliure
04. Skee Mask – Cerroverb
05. Bruce – Let’s Make The Most Of Our Time Here
06. Varg – Music For Breakups (feat. Morning Star)
07. Giant Swan – Palm
08. Repeated Viewing – Trial By Error
09. Alma Construct – Playing With You
10. Borusiade – A Body
11. Repeated Viewing – Deep In A Well
12. Jung An Tagen – HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?
13. Raime – Real People Not Actors
14. Autechre – turbile epic casual
15. Arad – Fried Salt
16. Pessimist – Outro
17. Identified Patient – Weerloos
18. The Knife – The Cop

Discover more about Solid Blake on Inverted Audio.