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Premiere: Geena – Espacial

Longtime protégé and core element of Zaltan’s versatile Antinote imprint to which he’s been an essential and faithful cog since year one and the release of his debut EP, ‘Surowych Utworow‘, Parisian producer Nicolas Molina aka Geena recently announced the launch of his own structure, Worldwide Zen, due to see the light of day in March with a lush four-track EP of his own hand.

Soberly titled ‘EP1‘, Worldwide Zen’s debut outing finds the French producer doing what he does best i.e. serving up a brightly-hued platter of ambient-house hybrids, deep organic vibrations and further chameleonic old-school rhythms airdropped straight from the early ’90s era.

Setting the groove in motion, our premiere ‘Espacial‘ makes for a perfect combination of Geena’s ever singular melodic interplays, bridging the gap between modular-like rhythmic overlaps, bleepy motifs and sudden synth up-thrusts rising from under a hazy forest of sounds teeming with life and tousled audio sources. Chaotic like a nascent cosmos brutally taking shape, immersive like a stream of raw matter gone untamed, ‘Espacial‘ shall bring down the house hands down and undoubtedly augurs a strong and sparkling future for the newborn label. Antinote lovers take note.

EP1 is released via Worldwide Zen on 23rd March, pre-order a copy from Chez Emile Records.


A1. Espacial
A2. Bay To Breakers
A3. Bay To Breakers (Too Smooth Christ Remix)
B1. Forest No Limit
B2. Forest No Limit (Raymonde Remix)

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