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Premiere: Georgia – Tiwala Sa Buhay (feat. Gabi Asfour)

Continually pushing the boundaries of creativity and self-expression, New York duo Georgia undeniably counts as one of the boldest, most intriguing outfits around. Exploring complex audio and visual practices, which often come out as an indistinct whole, Brian Close and Justin Tripp have laid the foundations to an intrinsically challenging and vivid body of work, astutely bridging the gap between post-pop tropes, folk-indebted motifs and avant-garde sonics with optimal results.

After a series of shape-shifting iterations on the likes of Meakusma, FTD, Kashual Plastik, Emotional Response and Palto Flats, Brian and Justin step up on Italian experimental label OOH-sounds with a joint effort, ‘Decouple ][ Series‘, featuring two cuts of theirs, and another one from Bellows, the project of Giuseppe Ielasi and Nicola Ratti, back after excursions on Latency and Shelter Press.

Inaugurating a new series of split vinyl releases revolving around the subjects of “dependencies, miscommunication and increasing complexity in our media-saturated digital era“, this first record operates as a “metaphor for a world of surfaces“. Engineering a chaotic mix of intricately-woven polyrhythms, altered speech (courtesy of vocalist Gabi Asfour) and frantically revved-up percussions, our premiere ‘Tiwala Sa Buhay‘ trades the shallow tidiness of the digital world for a cascade of euphoric instrumental interplays, rerouting its elements from a no-nonsense to a non-conformist paradigm. A riveting piece of musical bravura through and through. Time to decouple.

Decouple ][ Series is released via OOH-sounds on 9th November, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Georgia – Tiwala Sa Buhay
A2. Georgia – A Habitual Sway
B1. Bellows – Untitled

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