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Premiere: Giorgio Celeste & The Cobra – Acid Forest

The sporadic buy-on-sight releases under the mysterious S.O.N.S alias make way for a new sub-label: Terkaarg Forges emerges from a sci-fi origin story with a full LP entitled ‘Tales From Terkaarg‘ from the shady producer alongside Pyramid Of Knowledge, as Giorgio Celeste & The Cobra.

As the story goes, Celeste, an astral adventurer from Earth, crash-lands on the moon of Terkaarg, a cesspool of debauchery — specifically the black market trading of enchanted swords and stones enabling psychic powers. Celeste finds such a sword, and, fighting through the nighttime swathes of vicious local fauna, eventually meets The Cobra.

Regardless of their intergalactic antics, the pair make some fine music. Whilst representing a clear departure from the patterns of S.O.N.S (“NO epic chords. NO emotional breaks”) there’s still a firm stamp of quality on each track throughout the album.

Acid Forest‘ takes punchy, trance-infused basslines for an 8-minute ride across barren alien landscapes — no lush tropics here, instead the journey oscillates through vivid green and caustic hallucinations. Synths chirp like foreign birds, but there’s an innate pecularism about them. Almost bereft of percussion, quiet snares roll gently in the background, rising up at moments to near-prominence before fading back before the morphing midrange. If this is the quality of the music from this distant world, our fingers crossed for more messages from Terkaarg before too long.

‘Tales From Terkaarg’ is released 4 December via Terkaarg Forges. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. The Hunter
2. Plasma Leak
3. Venom
4. Acid Forest
5. Moon Of Mendelevium
6. Altered States