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Premiere: Healing Force Project – Abduction

Summoning the bold musical energy of musicians such as Jon Hassell, Muslimgauze, Sun Ra and Rabih Beaini, the work of Healing Force Project is one folded in cryptic forms and mystique, away from the calibrated standards of ‘dance music’ as we experience it to this day.

To enter Antonio Marini’s musical universe is to veer off into a wild sandlot where free jazz and altered kosmische tropes merge with a shape-shifting assemblage of oddball electronics and archaic tribalisms; walking the line between hypertensive melodic lines and laid-back meditative soundscapes with unmatched acoustic mastery.

Combining the raw with the processed, Marini’s forthcoming effort on the newborn On Board Music, which also makes for the label’s debut offering, encompasses the whole HFP battery of ingredients: distorted Rhodes stabs, acidic spurts, reverb-drenched percs and a much-detailed sound design rife with an ocean of nuances and subtleties to get lost in.

Our pick – the drum-heavy trance-inducer ‘Abduction‘ – is sure to have you levitating for much longer than the track’s nine minutes of intense sonic divagations, not quite done haunting your days within its concrete listening frame but stretching out its tentacles far and beyond. A proper spirit, mind and body abduction by the book: let the hypnosis begin!

Visual Alterity EP is released via On Board Music on 30th September, pre-order a copy from Juno.


A1. A Matter Of Time
A2. Abduction
A3. Harmony Of The Spheres
B1. Alternative Currents
B2. Parsec City
B3. Seven Transmutations

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