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Premiere: Howes – 03

Following up to a handful solid releases on London-based videogamemusic and Manchester’s Melodic and a three-part live recorded tape on Cong Burn, John Howes is back this spring to grace James Booth’s Share XL label with ‘Untitled‘ – an unruffled eight-track piece of ascetic micro-house to be released on digital today, 25th April, and on cassette later in May.

Don’t look for spectacular projections or suddenly soaring movements here, Howes’ new album is all about a subtly intricate interplay of diversely sequenced layers, such as on the deep and hypnotic ‘03‘ which we’re glad to present in full form today. Entwining a magnetic flux of blipping arpeggios, off-sync drumwork and deftly manoeuvred polyrhythmic pass-ropes, this one’s an understated mind-trip.

Untitled is out today on digital / late May on cassette via Share XL, with artwork courtesy of Weeirdos. For now you can order a digital copy from Bandcamp.


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2. 02
3. 03
4. 04
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