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Premiere: Howes – Untitled

Doing the splits between Salford, Glasgow, County Durham and Middlesbrough, Cong Burn is – despite the geographic distance – no less of a tight-knit collective, revolving around the same solid core crew since its inception back in late 2015.

Having first made a name for themselves by putting out a string of DIY tapes and limited CDRs that rapidly drew the attention of high-rated producers and DJs including Ben UFO, Lee Gamble, Tasker, Mosca and more, the UK-based imprint finally transitions to the black plastic format with a stunning debut 12″ VA that’s scheduled to hit the stores around 19th June.

Closing the A side, Howes‘ sea-dwelling ‘Untitled‘ steals the show with its heady mixture of deeper-than-deep underwater dub and bubbly drum arpeggios gliding along a pacey electro groove. As Howes drapes his delicate palette of colours and textures within a vibey concert of fluid and enveloping sounds, pads descend like rays of sun slitting through endless curtains of blue, deploying their flat iridescent beauty right down onto an hallucinated submarine flora. A rapture in the depths.

Cong Burn 01 is released on 19th June, pre-order a vinyl copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Haddon – Not Coming To The Club Tonight
A2. Howes – Untitled
B1. L Pearson – PSR1170
B2. Perfume Advert – Dyn Horizontal Multiburst

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