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Premiere: Howie Lee – 界行僧 The Border-Walking Monk

Howie Lee lines up ‘7 Weapons Series’, an EP inspired by a series of works by celebrated Chinese novelist Gu-Long, for Belgian label Maloca Records.

A name you’ll find on the lips of everyone talking about what’s good in the current Chinese music scene, Howie Lee’s music hybridises traditional and popular Chinese culture into a modern palette with rare tactility.

界行僧 The Border-Walking Monk‘, the sixth track from the record, matches eerie rasps of pseudo-reed instruments with insistent percussion that dips its toes in the world of club music. In the first half the sound is not too dissimilar to certain strains of early 90’s UK dance music (for example, the firm but swung rhythm of proto-dubstep), but as the track reaches closure we’re treated to a bewildering array of percussion flair and snarling, electrified synthesis.

‘7 Weapons Series’ is released on the 4th September via Maloca Records. Purchase now through Bandcamp


1. 无由颂 The Unreasonable Song
2. 错译噤 The Mistranslated Silence
3. 蜿蜒风 The Wriggled Wind
4. 反折竹 The Reflexed Bamboo
5. 干涸流 The Drained Stream
6. 界行僧 The Border-Walking Monk
7. 滞水荷 The Lotus in the Backwater