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Premiere: HTN – D2

Geneva’s Brainwaves crew look to boundary-breaking with their last release of 2020, a mind-melting EP from HTN by the name of ‘Devariegation‘.

Hitting like a barely-sensical transcript from a deep-space telegram, across the extended player’s six coarse structures the spirit of experimentation and dark mystery lives strong, bolstered by the release’s confusing and ambiguous text, leaving the listener with more questions than answers.

As corrosive as the aforementioned text’s allusions to toxic plant matter, ‘D2‘ is a firewalk of blistering pace. Whilst chaos and unrefinement are hallmarks of the track, almost contradictingly so are composition and attention to formation. Here, HTN has excelled both in harnessing chaos, and in orchestrating it.

Inundated with furious drum work, the track seems to be composed of myriad elements in fierce competition with each other, rather than harmony. Random explosions of resonance leap up from the messy tangle, first forming melody, then, under the onslaught of the kick drum, creating sweeping movements of energy that build the track’s crushing finale.

‘Devariegation’ is scheduled for release 28 December via Brainwaves. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1.  Spectrals
2.  Kn13f
3.  D1
4.  Khrr
5.  D2
6.  Geric