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Premiere: Hypallage Project – Cruise (Carsten Jost Remix)

Up and coming Parisian label, Avant-Propos Records, return with a third release that brings Dial co-founder Carsen Jost into the fold. Avant-Propos is a collaborative effort run by Hypallage Project and Potomac, a pair of performers best known for their residency at Paris’s Spazio-Tempo where they have been known to provide marathon ambient sets alongside some of techno’s biggest heavy hitters.

Previous releases have moved between light-on-their-feet, melodic techno via Dorian Gray and sluggish soundscapes from Potomac. This third release is equally restless with Hypallage Project turning in a lethargic burner seasoned with hints of Forest Swords-style guitar and Potomac offering a bouncy, feel-good slice of electronica.

For our premier, we snagged Jost’s remix of Hypallage Project’s ‘Cruise’. The track starts out dubbed and spacey, with a rain drip of percussion pitched low in the mix alongside a descending melody. A toothy snare enters the fray at the 3-minute mark before some minor chord sequences distort the second-cup of coffee Sunday vibes. It’s ultimately this sharp pivot into a demonic orchestral dance floor bomb that makes this our pick of the EP.

‘Cruise’ EP is scheduled for release 16 November via Avant-Propos Records. Order a copy from Juno


A1. Hypallage Project – Cruise (Carsten Jost Remix)
A2. Hypallage Project – Endless
B1. Carsten Jost – Credit De Cloture
B2. Potomac – Gasless Starship