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Premiere: Ufaze – Hole

Minting his new imprint Slow Process – Ufaze presents a batch of forward-facing club cuts. Although the release will likely be listed as electro, it’s devoid of many of the genre’s lingering nostalgic tropes. Fittingly, ‘Hole’ is graced by a remix by DJ Stingray, known to be an advocate for electro of the most innovative variety.

Under a variety of aliases, Ufaze has been active in the UK scene for around a decade as a producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist. While this is his first full release under this moniker, it’s clear from the tracks here that the artist brings a wealth of experience to the table.

The track ‘Hole’ was picked up early on by DJ Stingray, which led to the cult producer and DJ doing the remix. With steely percussion, shimmering arpeggios and classic sci-fi effects, it’s easy to see why the original caught his attention.

‘Hole’ is scheduled for release 26 November via Slow Process. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Hole
2. Hole (DJ Stingray Megaparsec Mix)
3. J03
4. Dereliction Zone