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Listen back to Inverted Audio x Radio Punctum with Unizone

October’s edition of Inverted Audio’s residency on Radio Punctum saw Ancestral Vision, co-founder of the Unizone label, join host Freddie Hudson to discuss their activities in the Czech capital of Prague.

Unizone’s sound is perhaps best defined by the ‘Hybrid Club’ label, with releases from rising underground talents T5UMUT5UMU, Miss Jay and, most recently, Italian producer Capiuz, whose album ‘Confined Space‘ was released via Unizone the day following the show.

Across the one hour broadcast Ancestral Vision takes us on a tour through past Unizone releases, detailing how he approaches label curation with his label partner, what ‘hybrid club’ means to him in terms of the label’s output, and more. Around this discussion, Freddie plays recently released and forthcoming music from the Accidental Meetings, Denovali and Brainwaves labels.

Inverted Audio Radio returns on 30 November. 


1. Perila & Ulla – every something is an echo of nothing [Vaagner]
2. Abu Ama – Kleopatra Arabxo [Accidental Meetings]
3. Jjjacob – Mother of Sirens [29SPEEDWAY]
4. Parts Project – Conductive [Audio Bambino]
5. Tout Kasser & Lastrack – Wandering Louis (Tout Casser’s Broken in Half-Time Remix) [Brainwaves]
6. Strachkvas – True Gamer [Unizone]
7. Miss Jay – Blood Moon [Unizone]
8. Capiuz – Frozen Lake [Unizone]
9. Miedo Totale – Foster [Forthcoming Unizone]
10. Roberto Donoso – Master & Emissary [Denovali]